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Unplug in Buffalo & Kaycee, WY

Where the rolling plains of the Old West meet the towering peaks of the Bighorn Mountains. Experience one of the last unspoiled places in the American West.

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Experience The West

With 189 thousand acres of untamed wilderness, there is room for adventure everywhere you turn in Johnson County, Wyoming. From hiking and horseback riding to mountain biking and mountain climbing to skiing and snow machining, there are plenty of thrills found in and around the Bighorn National Forest year-round.

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In The Big Horn Mountains

5 Amazing Destinations

A shortlist of some must see destinations, around Buffalo and Kaycee, WY.


Come For the Adventure, Stay for the Community

Four visitors tell you why they never want to leave. Read their experiences!


Discover Rich Western History

From outlaw country to Indian territory, get an inside peak into the stories and even stand in the exact places where history was made.


social distancing since 1890

Covid-19 Update

Johnson County, Wyoming, and our local businesses and attractions are taking necessary safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during this unprecedented time. Before you make your plans to go to any of the locations listed on this website and in the articles, please visit their website to familiarize yourself with their guidelines. And please, remember to social distance while visiting Buffalo and Kaycee, Wyoming. Check out the Wy Office of Tourism’s guidelines for traveling Wyoming safely, here.
Current Guidelines

While Wyoming is open and ready for public travel and visitation, we urge you to do your own due diligence in regard to COVID-19. For the most up to date information, please visit the Wyoming Department of Health website at:

Wyoming’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts continue, with most counties in phase 1b of the phased distribution plan. Wyoming vaccine distribution information can be found at

What to Expect

Businesses and public spaces are open, alive and well, here in Johnson County, Wyoming. Face coverings are no longer required when entering public space, though social distancing is recommended. Let’s work together to keep our communities safe and healthy!

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Travel Itineraries

Your guides to the perfect weekend getaway or extended stay in Buffalo and Kaycee, Wyoming. Click each itinerary below to get yours today!

3 Days of Winter Adventure

Step into a winter wonderland for adventure in Johnson County that you might not expect. From skiing to snow machining, make it a weekend for the whole family.


Make it A Long Summer Weekend

With more activities than you can shake a stick at, Johnson County offers a family getaway like you can’t imagine. Plan your next summer adventure here!



Take in the sweeping changing of the seasons with hiking, fishing, biking and horseback riding. This will be a fall getaway you won’t forget!


Fall for Adventure: Hunt the West

A quick look guide for making that dream hunt in Johnson County become a reality. Find your next hunting paradise. Get started with this guide and helpful resources.

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